Trouble in Heaven is a parfum that lights the fire. Mysterious and sexy, for the woman who wants to provoke and who is at ease with her provocation. Turn heads, raise the heartbeat, be noticed, make dangerous liaisons. It is both intimate and overt, an intoxicating parfum to wear close to you, to be loved by others. A second skin of perfect iris, patchouli and tonka absolut, resonates with the dry heat of oriental amber, makes Trouble in Heaven.


The parfum is designed to be experienced in the same way as a piano note being played. First, The "ping": a burst of the scent like the striking of the piano key, followed by a beautiful resonance as the note echoes its sound.

HKD 2,400.00
Perfume Oil

Perfume oil is a new and highly luxurious way to experience Trouble In Heaven. It caresses the skin, being the most indulgent and sensuous way for a woman to apply fragrance and to delight in her femininity. Intended to be massaged into the skin, it invites the sensual pleasure of touch.

HKD 2,780.00

I love the beauty and the simplicity of the bottles. They have the look of a totem or trophy, like a César or an Oscar. They have a purity of design which appears so simple and yet I would say this simplicity is an indication of the rigour and reflection dedicated to their design.

Christian Louboutin parfum bottles are objets d’art that are both tactile and hypnotically visual. The glass undulates and wraps the bottles form to capture light, play with transparency and reveal the intense colours associated with each individual parfum. The design concept for the bottle was based on the idea of folding surfaces, manipulating and twisting glass to create a dynamic and harmonious flow.