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A Lasting Impression: Christian Louboutin Introduces Fragrance

Introducing Christian Louboutin Fragrance, three irresistible scents created for the Louboutin woman. Meet Bikini Questa Sera, Tornade Blonde and Trouble in Heaven, all irresistible, all by Christian Louboutin, all for women. “I wanted to celebrate woman and her desires. I wanted these fragrances to enhance an aspect of her personality, or perhaps reveal something about her that no one knew before, maybe not even her, tell a secret, a story. In a way creating these fragrances is like being a film director, some directors want to control the acting process, others want to reveal the power of character and personality. This is what I try to evoke with shoes and now with the alchemy of fragrance. I want to give women the means to express themselves and to delight in their femininity.”


Bikini Questa Sera takes the heat into the night. The heat of the day, sun on hot skin, the voluptuousness of the beach that she doesn’t want to let go. Hold onto the intensity, feel the heat and the happiness, there is the scent of the sun and the scent of the sun becomes the scent of the woman as day turns into night. In the cool of the night air, the headiness of the fragrance shimmers still in the moonlight, jasmine and tuberose, opalescent against the skin. Intimate, hot and compelling, she is wearing only her Bikini Questa Sera.

Tornade Blonde, not a colour, but a fragrance and a state of mind. The scent of love and adventure, a gorgeous red rose lies deep in a bed of sweet violet and cassis. Feminine and potent, animalistic yet floral, Tornade Blonde leaves a trail of light like a comet in the night. It is a burst of potent sensuality, an invitation to follow. Tornade Blonde is the scent of desire.

Trouble in Heaven is a fragrance that lights the fire. Mysterious and sexy, for the woman who wants to provoke and is at ease with her provocation. Turn heads, raise the heartbeat, be noticed, make dangerous liaisons. It is both intimate and overt, an intoxicating fragrance to wear close to you, to be loved by others. A second skin of perfect iris, patchouli and tonka absolut, resonates with the dry heat of oriental amber, makes Trouble in Heaven.

Each of these Christian Louboutin fragrances has its own unique personality highlighted by their own symbolic colourway. What unites them is Christian’s idea behind their construction. “I want you to experience the fragrance in the same way as you experience a piano note being played. So there is the 'ping', the first burst of the scent like the striking of the piano key, followed by a beautiful resonance as the note echoes its sound. There is one present moment, and then there is the trace, le sillage, I think of it as its memory.”

Continuing the beauty theme of objets d’art, Christian Louboutin fragrance bottles are both tactile and hypnotically visual. Glass undulates and wraps the bottle form to capture light, play with transparency and reveal the intense colours associated with each individual fragrance. Christian worked with Heatherwick Studio to create a series of bottles that are innovative and ambitious in their design and manufacturing process. Thomas is a fantastic designer,” says Christian. “He has a wide-eyed energy that I love which he puts into all his work. His design process is the same whether he is working on a building or a bottle.”

Christian Louboutin and Heatherwick started out with a series of intense discussions.

“It was a really natural process of collaboration,” says Heatherwick. “We began by asking questions about Christian’s dreams and expectations to get to the essence of what he was searching for.” Christian knew straightaway that he wanted the bottles to “have a strong sense of identity.” After the discussions, the exploration continued through sketching, and experimentation, followed by a series of prototypes. The design concept for the bottles was based on the idea of folding surfaces, manipulating and twisting glass to create a dynamic and harmonious flow. “We started with the top and the base and a very simple rectangular form,” says Heatherwick. “From there the idea was that the glass goes on a journey in between. It is almost as if the bottle turns itself inside out.”

The bottle is made from glass with a central aperture, which makes a loop of the fragrance. Christian wanted somehow to create a flow of fragrance within the bottle as he is fascinated by the idea that “liquid is alive,” meaning that the liquid has movement and life within the bottle. “I love the beauty and simplicity of the bottles,” says Christian. “They have the look of a totem or trophy, like a César or an Oscar. They have a purity of design which appears so simple and yet I would say this simplicity is an indication of the rigor and reflection dedicated to its design.”

A perfect combination of artisan design, innovation and unique personality, Christian Louboutin fragrances are unforgettable to anyone left in their trail. The three fragrances are available online at and at select beauty corners and boutiques.