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Christian Louboutin Presents “DUST” for Art Basel Hong Kong

Years after a fire destroyed his Paris neighborhood, Chinese artist Ji Zhou is still haunted by the incident. “Its violent yet serene aftermath transcended my reality, as if the experience resurfaced to draw a parallel to my mundane yet chaotic life.” From the remnants of this tumultuous blaze arose the inspiration for Zhou’s 2010 body of work entitled, “DUST,” now on display at Christian Louboutin’s Wyndham Street Boutique in conjunction with Art Basel Hong Kong.

Displayed on the ground floor of our Hong Kong flagship , the photographic series of work explores the idea that dust is the remnant left with the passing of time. By incorporating elements of dust into evolving staged scenes that Zhou photographed, the artist began to make sense of the fire within the context of his everyday life.

For Zhou, these images carry with them a deeper meaning that reflects experiences felt through the society at large, with “Dust 1” (Withering Flowers) relating to the passing of time, “Dust 2” (Shoes) about experiences, “Dust 4” (Plants)” and “Spectacle 3” (Upside Down Pineapple) referencing  changes in the environment and architecture. For Christian Louboutin, the objects and themes presented in these pieces have inspired and informed his own work through the years, most prominently in Zhou’s incorporation of plants, flowers, and architecture.

The installation will be open to the public from March 23rd - April 5th, 2016 at the Christian Louboutin Wyndham Street Boutique, 10 - 20 Wyndham Street, Central.