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When in doubt, keep it Iconic

Christian Louboutin Icons - Kate, Clare Sling, Clare Strass


The eternal dilemma: a wardrobe overflowing with options and nothing to wear. Sound familiar? Cue your hand as it reaches for those silhouettes that never fail to deliver. The shoes that are guaranteed to get you out of the door feeling confident, polished and ready for anything. You may know them as your go-tos, we like to call them icons.


 Christian Louboutin Icons - Kate


Timeless? Yes, but they’re far from classic. Each piece has that je ne sais quoi something that translates effortlessly for the day or come sundown. And whilst they all have something in common, they also live multiple lives, just like the women who wear them.


Christian Louboutin Icons - Kate and Anjalina


Case in point: uptown, Pigalle is taking her notoriously flattering silhouette out to brunch on a kitten heel whilst over on the other side of town, Kate’s getting ready to take the boardroom by storm with a low-cut vamp that means business. Meanwhile, the notorious Hot Chick with her seductively curved top line changes her attitude on a whim with a click of her stiletto heels. Later, Iriza decides to come down from her pedestal for a night out on the town in a mid-sized heel. You’ll find her on the dance floor showing off her arch (and her best moves) with a half d’Orsay silhouette that was simply born to shine.

 Designed to suit every style and to be worn for any occasion, think of these pieces as the foundations of the modern woman’s wardrobe, your sartorial saving graces that will never steer you wrong. So whilst you may not be able predict the future, you’ll always be able to rely on the guaranteed style appeal of a Christian Louboutin icon. 


Christian Louboutin Icons - Iriza