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Zap! Power-Up with Louboutinize

Louboutinize, verb (loʊ.bu:tɝ.ais): To impart the joyous sprit of Christian Louboutin.

Ever wish you had the legs of Dita Von Teese? Or beautiful gems at your disposal? How about the ability to evoke passion in an instant? It’s all within the realm of possibility with Christian Louboutin’s new iPhone app, Louboutinize! Launching with three exclusive and totally unique filters, Louboutinize is the easiest way to add a little more Louboutin to your life (and who doesn’t want that?)

Rouge: Paint the town red with Rouge! Red became synonymous with Christian Louboutin after he ‘borrowed’ the nail varnish of his assistant and painted the soles of a shoe prototype with it – voilà, a style signature was born!

Legs: Legs, legs, legs...everywhere! When Christian was a young man, he frequented the glamorous shows of Parisian cabaret Folies Bergère, and a shoe man was born. Since then, his desire to elevate women has never wavered. Swipe to choose from 1 of 7 pairs of legs at launch – some sexy, some irreverent, all fun. Choices include a ballerino, international burlesque star Dita von Teese and a sporty equestrian.

Crystallize: When Louboutin created his collection of Beauté Louboutin nail colours, they were like nothing that had come before, from the 6” high stiletto cap to the beautifully faceted crystal bottles. That gem-like vessel, that infinitely reflects and refracts light, is the inspiration for the Crystallize filter. Created to celebrate this month’s one year anniversary of Rouge Louboutin ’s debut , it will add sparkle to your photos, crystallizing those priceless memories forever.

Using Louboutinize is easy!

1: Download from the App Store

2: Shoot photos directly within the app or upload images from your camera roll – either way, once a photo is Louboutinized, you will hear the sound of an energizing lightning bolt (ZAP!) that signifies the magic touch of Christian Louboutin on your photo.

3: Share! Louboutinize images can be shared easily to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #Louboutinize.

We’ll be spotlighting the most creative #Louboutinize images weekly on @LouboutinWorld, so what are you waiting for?