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Les Yeux Noirs

"I was always fascinated by how much the eyes say. The eyes have a life. Makeup only accentuates what you want to reveal."

This March, Christian Louboutin expands the universe of Louboutin to present an opus of eye amplifiers, introducing Les Yeux Noirs Lash Amplifying Lacquer mascara, Oeil Vinyle Luminous Ink Liner, Oeil Velours Velvet Eye Definer, and Brow Definer. Eyes engage, reveal, and expose as Christian explains in his own words: “You can see happiness, sadness, fear, fierceness…You definitely see everything through the eyes.” To enhance the feature he considers most expressive, Christian Louboutin set out to create a collection of imaginative and expert tools.

The result is a collection that combines sensual application with the intensely rich colour and attention to detail expected from the designer. Luxurious and uniquely slender, each product provides a precise and sensual gesture similar to that of calligraphy. The Christian Louboutin eye collection is artfully designed to provide definition and add to the expression of a woman’s eyes, amplifying the essence and power of her gaze.

Christian was inspired to create an intense look, “Les Yeux Noirs.” For him, eye makeup is not merely adornment but a means from which one may reveal or conceal facets of their character. A woman need not say a single word to express a lot. Her eyes speak for her: she winks, she smolders, she glares, she stares. “Open eyes say: I listen, I look. Closed eyes say: listen to me, look at me. It is through the eyes that you see personality,” explains Christian. Eyes are a powerful tool, which can be enhanced through eye makeup.

Christian Louboutin imbues the collection with his typical imaginativeness and glamour allowing women to revel in the artistry of applying makeup. Whilst bringing ‘Les Yeux Noirs’ to life, Christian visualized one of his beauty icons, Queen Nefertiti’s infamous sculpted eyes – a nude lid precisely lined with carbon black charcoal liner. This look emboldened her eyes and served to signify her powerful spirit. The designer delved further into the symbolism of ancient Egypt – a place and culture that constantly feeds his imagination - for the creation of the remarkable packaging: the Egyptian motifs of lotus flower petals and obelisks meld with Art Deco geometry to create these modern objets d’arts.

Christian is a man deeply inspired by his travels, and he looked to India to develop the formulas. The country's rich culture and colours translated to products luxuriously saturated with rich pigments for the purest and deepest impact. Christian wanted to capture the opulent decorative style of India, as seen in Kathakali, a form of classical Indian dance. The dancers are known for their extravagant makeup, including elaborately drawn eyes, bringing attention to their dramatic eye movements and expressions, which are integral aspects of the dance. The result is intensely pigmented products that coat lashes in plush lacquer, define lids in dark ink, and perfect brows with pigment-rich colour.

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