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Christian Louboutin has been fascinated by the British royal family since he was a child.

For Loubicrown, Christophe Raynaud wanted to create a vibrant perfume with palpable tension.

The fragrance’s noblest note, Atlas cedar, reports an aristocratic quality that is shaken up by vibrant woody essences enriched by a spice, smoky and leathery cypriol, and the intense heat of an overdose of tonka bean—sensual to the extreme. The signature’s top note, fresh and bitter grapefruit wood declares itself with supreme power, crowning you with confidence.

Olfactive Family: Amber Woody

Olfactive Notes:

- Patchouli

- Cedar Wood

- Tonka Beans

The 90ml Eau de Parfum is inspired by a royal crown, a true symbol of majesty.
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