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Christian Louboutin has always found creative refuge in the depths of the sea and the beauty of its waves.

Inspired by a dream of life in the tropics, perfumer Christophe Raynaud imagined a fragrance that expresses the warm feeling of sun-kissed skin—a sensation powered by heat and salt, characterized by a subtle power of attraction.

Illuminated by the essences of citrus fruits—bergamot zest, a burst of bitter orange, and neroli buds—and energized by notes of pink and black pepper, this scintillating signature evokes the power of the sun at its zenith. The resulting trail is creamy and authentic—the sun in a scent, adorned with noble white petals. It is a fragrance that exudes audacious sensuality with an extravagant touch of lustful premium vanilla.

Olfactive Family: Spicy Floral

Olfactive Notes:

- Bergamot

- Neroli

- Vanilla

The 50ml Eau de Parfum Légère features a rose gold cap adorned with sultry spikes and exotic palm motifs, inspired by Christian Louboutin's creative world.
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