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1988sl flat
HKD 11,500.00

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The 1988SL high-top sneaker with sporty and dynamic lines is mounted on an asymmetric black rubber sole. It is emblematic of the innovation of Maison Christian Louboutin with its worked design in black calfskin enhanced by inserts and highlighted by Loubi red patent calfskin. This season it encompasses solidarity and empathy with the capsule inscription "Walk a mile in my shoes".

Bringing a fresh take on some of Christian Louboutin's most iconic designs and debuting a new sneaker co-created by Christian and Idris, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to five charities dedicated to causes dear to both Christian and the Elbas, including social justice, education, and civil rights amongst many others: The Gathering of Justice, Be Rose Foundation, The Immediate Theater, Somali Hope Foundation & Purposeful.

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