Designed to cater to every member of your family, from the very youngest (and the grown-ups who are still young at heart), right down to your beloved pets. An exploration of Christian Louboutin's imaginary childhood world, filled with adventure and excitement. This new collection promises to make you feel like a child again! Populated with a host of playful characters, the collection takes its inspiration from the colourful cartoon superheroes of the Maison's eponymous comic strip-SUPER LOUBI. Introducing our heroes - Superloubi, Wonderloubi and Pilou the Lemur!


Who hasn’t dreamed of going back to childhood, that magical place filled with bright colors, endless wonder and imaginary worlds where anything is possible? Christian Louboutin certainly has. Get a complimentary copy of SUPERLOUBI, Chapter 1 comic book with every Loubifamily order, and follow the wild adventures its red-soled heroes.