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Christian Louboutin iconic SooooO…Glow lipstick is a glowy, hydrating and vivid lip colour. The sheer formula offers 6h of hydration, 6h of vivid colour, 6h of sheer coverage*, **.

Christian Louboutin introduces a new smaller, nomadic format of the iconic lipstick.

Encased in a striped red body and crowned with a silver & gold cap, Rouge Louboutin On The Go lipstick can follow you everywhere.

This lipstick offers a range of 5iconic shades.

Apply the rouge louboutin lipstick following the love technique:

1. Trace your cupid’s bow with the bullet

2. Purse your lips to spread the colour

3. Fill your traced lips with colour

For more precision, use the lip neat lip brush.

*Instrumental test on a panel of 35 women

**Dermatological test on a panel of 20 women
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