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Lights, camera, action! Eloïse is ready for her close-up. The newest craze to hit #LouboutinWorld, Eloïse seduces with architectural construction and feminine lines, drawing admiring glances wherever she goes. Born of a marriage between Parisian design and the finest Italian craftsmanship, she boasts than a hundred individual, hand-placed studs adorning unique leather scarf motifs that curve gracefully around the base of each of her handles. Eloïse’s exceptional details make her a unique statement of personal style. Created with the vision of an alluring actress in mind, each bag is infused with Christian’s distinct vision of feminine grace. Below, Christian himself sheds light Eloïse’s glamorous persona.

When you think of the women in your life what qualities do they share?

— A graceful silhouette.

— Luminous skin.

— Vulnerability hidden beneath charisma, confidence and extravagant jewelry.

— Whether in stilettos or platforms, they are elegant on every level!

— Like gemstones, they have countless striking and intricate facets to their characters.

Which of these qualities does Eloïse possess?

Every one of them.

What does Eloïse admire in a man?

Gallantry, and a desire to carry her through life!

What is Eloïse’s greatest shortcoming?

She glistens in the spotlight, stealing it from others wherever she goes.

And her vice?

Self-indulgence. She loves nothing more than to be adored by a crowd.

What can’t she resist?    


Who would win in an argument, Paloma or Eloïse?

There would be no argument. They are equals. They see themselves reflected in one another.

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