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Introducing the Red Runner


The Red Runner, Christian Louboutin’s latest sneaker to come out of the Run Loubi Run collection, has all the qualifications of a game changer. Launching for SS19, it combines bold colours and a pumped -up sole for maximum visual impact, bringing a hefty dose of urban swagger to the modern man’s line-up.



The Red Runner’s sole, developed over three years and made up of six parts, is the star player of this luxury sneaker. From flex grooves to silicon insoles and a distinctively chunky silhouette, it was designed with movement in mind. Every detail is deliberately elaborated to optimise comfort of wear. The sneaker truly is assembled with the Maison’s trademark savoir-faire.



From an iconic red sole to signature spikes, mixed materials and touches of monochrome grosgrain, Christian Louboutin’s trademark flair can be found in every single detail. And the colours aren’t shy either. From graphic blacks, whites and reds to high energy pops of yellow and blue, the Red Runner is the antithesis of ordinary. 



Inspired by the world of running, the Run Loubi Run collection opens a new chapter for Christian Louboutin, taking the fashion sneaker to the next level and putting a couture spin on a ubiquitous wardrobe hero.