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What Fairy Tales Are Made Of

Originally debuting in the Spring/Summer 2016 collection, the inspiration for the Piloutin was spun from one of the most magical fairy tales of all, Cinderella. For Christian Louboutin, this soft, treasure box of a clutch brings to mind the sumptuous pillow on which Cinderella’s enchanted glass slipper was presented. For this very special Autumn/Winter 2016 capsule collection, three signature designs bring vivid personality to the tale. Beloved design elements of the Maison Louboutin - embroidery, leopard, strass and spikes – are here reimagined in unique and unforgettable ways. Simultaneously, elements from the designer’s personal history return as muses: Paris, the city where he was born and raised, and travel, exotic voyages across continents and cultures, in which opulent and intoxicating sights further enriched his aesthetic.

“The whole idea of this is that it’s almost a pillow, a little cushion you can sleep with – it’s the bag you want to cuddle”

Meet Piloutin Spikes

Elements of Spice, fire and untamed magic surround this version of the Piloutin, and also lie at the core of its shimmering and shifting identity. Its spiked detailing – 2,437 signature Christian Louboutin spikes, each applied individually by master craftsmen to rich black nappa – dance from golden to ruthenium to palladium, creating an unmistakable leopard motif. It’s a teasing, tantalizing back and forth; in the spikes, we see Christian Louboutin’s affection for the delicate studding often seen on haute époque furnishings and his ever-present desire to liberate the decorative from the symbolic. And in the playful leopard print, we encounter his ongoing muses, the showgirl and cabaret. This version of the Piloutin features palladium-finish chains and hardware, and is accented with the signature Louboutin lucky logo charm pull. As with the rest of the capsule collection, its lining is a stunning Louboutin-red lambskin, and each piece was individually hand-crafted in Italy, where all of the exceptional leathers were sourced. This is a Piloutin which is fierce yet feminine, strong yet subtle, glinting, golden, and quick to catch eyes as it catches the light.

Meet Piloutin Strass

Glimmering and iridescent, the body of Piloutin Strass is reminiscent of the open ocean, a magical and mysterious bringer of luck. Lustrous crystals shifts in shade from Ronsard pink to Night blue – rich, rare colours hand-selected for the season – with each and every crystal individually heat-fixed onto black suede calfskin by master craftsmen in Italy. The Piloutin’s softly structured style catches and throws back light from every angle, capturing the alluring un-knowableness of water, and creating an object of desire that evolves to elevate any look. Inside, we find the familiar Louboutin-red lambskin, while outside, smoky Ruthenium-finish chains and charms add a moody and seductive edge. As with the entire Piloutin line, its construction represents the epitome of technical bravura. Every decadent embellishment, from the hand-appliquéd crystals to the delicate marbles incorporated into its lining to heighten the sensuality of its touch, requires artful precision and mastery across all aspects of maroquinerie.

Meet Piloutin Maharaja

Lavishly embellished with sequins, beads, mirrors and exquisite hand-embroidery, the Piloutin Maharaja pays homage to the flair and decadence of classical Indian craftsmanship. Its journey into creation began one sun-dappled day in Mumbai, when Christian Louboutin’s eye was caught by a sea of dazzling colours and sparkles. It turned out to be a majestic embroidery shop, where he purchased lengths of ornate, antique ribbon – ribbons traditionally used in luxuriant wedding saris – to add to the personal collection he had been developing over many years of trips to India. With the Piloutin Maharaja, Christian Louboutin invites access to his personal collection of treasures for the very first time. Each Maharaja features a unique combination of cuts from these ribbons, and given the source’s finite nature, is at its very essence a limited edition and one of a kind, in perfect keeping with the woman who carries it. As with the other members of the capsule collection, a sumptuous double chain – one delicate as ribbon, one more striking and structural – offers rich metallic detail, and various options for carrying the Piloutin. Inside, a stunning red lambskin lining offers a nod to the iconic Louboutin sole; the hand-written logo, engraved on a polished, gold-tone ingot, offers a final signature touch.

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