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Undress in Cage Sandals


Fetish, burlesque and fantasy: these are just a few of Christian Louboutin’s favourite things. Transitioning from summer to fall, this ongoing inspiration is reinvigorated in a new collection of fetish sandals—the Cage. With an exquisite focus on lines, curves and materials, the Cage collection beautifully illustrates Christian Louboutin’s creative process, which often involves allowing the pleasure of drawing to inform the final shape of the shoe. With each design, the collection hints at subtle expressions of intimacy and seduction, whilst accentuating a woman’s body through carefully placed straps and, on select styles, a new fetish heel that mimics the curve of a woman’s leg. Featured in a diverse range of this season’s stand-out materials and colours, the collection juxtaposes high-gloss, light reflecting materials against supple mattes that absorb light, alluding to the tactile surfaces of a woman’s boudoir.

                                            Various stages of dress and undress are articulated through varying asymmetrical lines, and thick to thin straps, some of which expose more skin than others.

"I prefer shoes that undress to shoes that dress. If a woman is naked wearing shoes, she is still naked - the shoes take nothing away of her nudity, they're like an extension of her nudity." – Christian Louboutin

Here, Christian's vision of seduction is carried out through shoes that flaunt sophisticated cut-out designs that enrobe the foot using multiple straps to carve elegant curves. Fully embodying the Cage aesthetic are Cajaboot and Cajac 100. Comprised of 11 individual components per foot, strips of veau velours, calf and watersnake are individually hand-stitched together and then lasted. For each size as well as each side of the foot, a different pattern must be created to ensure the design is placed perfectly when worn. The result is like a love note from a lover, where rhythmic arabesque lines recall the meticulous art of calligraphy, adding yet another intimate gesture to the collection.

Cicronvolulu 100, with three graduating hand-cut and individually sewn rings, recalls a tongue-in-cheek Louboutin theme of the lion tamer or Domteuse , asserting fetishistic themes of control and dominance. This style can be seen in four variations in the collection, including Patent Stellar, a brilliant, oil-slick effect leather that is treated through a chemical process similar to the galvanization of metal, assuring that no two pairs are alike. Stage-ready, provocative City Jolly 100 flaunts mirrored specchio straps in an architectural construction, with an invisible PVC backing at the toes to prevent them from slipping through the sides; giving the illusion of nothingness whilst providing proper support. Delicate and technically complex, specchio treatments on other styles throughout the collection are designed to mesmerize and capture the eye with a single glance, a reference to Christian Louboutin’s beloved cabaret.

The sensuality of swimwear is referenced on Tina Cage 100, whose individually draped pieces embody the essence of vintage bathing costumes. With its bare interior, the instep of the sandal gives the feeling of something that has come undone, while the draped exterior lends just enough coverage to feel substantial Here, the changeover of seasons is eluded to through a play on swimwear and the sandal’s bare to full coverage. Tina Cage’s asymmetrical build and luxurious draping, accompanied by delicate cutouts and stitching, present a unique pairing of technical innovation and sophistication within the collection. Almost fully covered, Toot Mignone 100 comes dressed in a combination of seasonal colours and fits like a bootie with the sex appeal of a sandal. Inspired by men’s shirting, the style’s off-center faux button on the arch of the foot is a flirtatious wink that once again alludes to the art of undressing. Peek-a-boo slits along the sides entice onlookers with yet another signature Christian Louboutin “tease.”

Accentuating the bold palette and curvaceous lines of the Cage styles, Christian Louboutin Nail Colours add a vivid splash to exposed toes. Pop hues Escatin, Batignolles and Miss Loubi highlight the Purple Pop, Cubiste and Metallic colours on these late summer styles. A Noir Very Privé pedicure paired with Cajac 100 adds a hint of deep red, singling a transition to darker autumn tones. Discover the Cage Sandals collection on and in Christian Louboutin boutiques.