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The Loubi Show


To unveil his Spring-Summer 2024 collection, Christian Louboutin presents an original live performance inspired by his love and passion for dance, art, and creativity. The show takes place in the Grand Amphitheatre of La Sorbonne in Paris, the most legendary university of France and one of Europe's greatest cultural and scientific center in history.



This season, the designer invites Belgian – Moroccan artist Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui for the direction and choreography of his show. Collaborating with some of the best theatres in the world, including Paris Opera Ballet, and internationally known performers including Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, the artist has become highly appreciated by international critics for his openness to all forms of scenic art whether cultural, religious, or ethnic. Most importantly, the show pays tribute to Christian Louboutin and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s shared passion for bringing together different elements to create magical experiences.


The loubi Show


To make the show even more mystical, Christian Louboutin also invites German - Persian artist Tobias Gremmler to create the show’s visual concept. Pioneer in digital art and design, the visual creative is known for developing artistic forms and languages by intersecting virtuality with reality. Highlighting the brand’s iconic Red Sole, Mr. Gremmler has imagined virtual bodies emerging from moving robotic screens.


The Loubi Show


On stage, sixteen performers interpret a contemporary dance style that amplifies the body movements. Along their performance, the dancers are being juxtaposed with ultramodern moving screens created by Aumovis, a German leading company in autonomous LED walls, with the screens following the choreography directed by Larbi and conducted by a computing machine.


A guest star in the show is Viktoria Modesta, a dancer, musician, and the world’s first bionic pop artist, whose mission is to explore the outer limits of the technologically enhanced human experience. The talented artist performs in a prosthetic leg that was adorned in gradient crystal strass by artisans from the Christian Louboutin atelier, and while she dances, the screens project visuals designed specifically for her.


Alongst the performance, a very noticeable element is the show’s soundtrack. It’s an expansion of an Arabic love poem that was chosen by Larbi and Christian Louboutin. A language that is connected to the designer’s Egyptian heritage, and at the same time depicting his keenness on highlighting different cultures and elements. The soundtrack is accompanied by a live piano and Cristal Baschet musical.


The Loubi Show

 The Loubi Show

Christian Louboutin unveiled in the Grand Salon his Spring/Sumer 2024 collection in a magnificent gallery where the exquisite products are showcased levitating in red niches located inside of a chrome mirrored box, which creates an infinite optical illusion.